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High Performance Web Hosting

There's nothing worse than a slow loading website!

If it takes more than 5-6 seconds for your web pages to load, you are in trouble!

Slow websites have two negatives:

1. It's bad for SEO. Google will penalise you if it takes to long for your website to load.

2. It provides a bad user experience for your visitors. When pages are slow, visitors just hit the back button and find a site that loads faster - that could be costing your business money!

And chances are... you are actually paying, in real money terms, to have a slow website.

You see, web hosting companies make there money by cramming thousands, upon thousands, of websites onto one web server. It's how they make their profit - however, their business model penalises YOU.

And... if your website is WordPress based, then the situation is made even worse.

The problem is that WordPress is a very 'resource intensive' web application. It has to be, due to the nature of what it does, however, this further slows things down for your visitors if it's running on a slow web host.

These two factors are more than likely 'crippling' your load times!

I know of one website that takes over 15 seconds to load! And at peak traffic times that can increase to 20 seconds.

Imagine only being able to view 3 pages a minute... that's an immediate put-off for visitors and it certainly won't encourage repeat visits.

So what can be done?

Move to a different web host!

Find a web hosting company that provides performance-enhanced web servers, with strict limits as to how many websites on the web server, at a cost that's reasonable for the benefits received. It's not rocket science!

Thankfully, you don't have to look far for a solution that meets the criteria. I provide high performance web hosting, optimised for business websites.

And if your website uses WordPress, I have optimised things even further to ensure that WordPress loads fast!

I will even move your existing website to my web server, free of charge, with very limited downtime.

So what's the catch then?

There isn't one! I provide quality, performance-enhanced web hosting for my business clients, for £10 per month. Simple.

Increased speed, lower web hosting costs, unlimited bandwith, emails, databases, and additional features that many web hosting companies provide as 'extra' (I provide as standard), makes this a no-brainer in my mind.

Not convinced...

Check out the demo web hosting control panel for yourself (obviously restricted as to what you can do, however, it provides a feel for the functionality you will have right out of the box):

Web Hosting Control Panel Demo

Web Hosting Features:

  • Fully managed & secure
  • High performance web servers.
  • Dedicated WordPress hosting (optimised)
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Unlimited email addresses, forwarders and auto-responders.
  • Webmail
  • Unlimited databases.
  • Ability to change PHP version immediately.
  • FTP, Filemanager access
  • Online webpage builder.
  • Backup and restore.
  • Automated backups.
  • PHPmyAdmin for easy database management.
  • Remote MySQL access (restricted by IP address for security).
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Manage your dns, with one-click office365 setup.
  • SSH access.
  • Scheduled tasks (CRON)
  • Web stats.
  • One-click install for WordPress.
  • One-click install of most major web apps.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Malware scanner.
  • Transfer from your existing web host (free).

If you want proof of the speed... check out these example websites I provide web hosting for:

Royal Navy Memories which is a very popular blog that uses WordPress.

Also take a look at Jo Broom's Blog that also uses WordPress.

And also check out JEL Media that also uses WordPress - and streams video as well.

For more demanding business websites, I also provide a specialist service that utilises high performance, cloud-based, dedicated servers - no shared resources! I can setup, install and configure your website to run at peak performance, regardless of visitor numbers. The cost for this option varies so please contact me for more information or visit Digital Ocean to check out the server specs.

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