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Automate your schedule and bookings

Most service businesses have to manually manage their schedule, factor in time between appointments, take bookings manually over the telephone, or display their availability on social media, etc...

And then, if the customer wants to change the date or time, there's the hassle of having to go through the whole process again to accommodate them - more thumbing through the diary, to'ing and fro'ing to try and find a time slot that works for both them and you. It can be a real nightmare!

Well, if that sounds like you, then I want to tell you about a solution that takes all the pain away and provides you with a fully automated, online scheduling and booking system right out of the box!.

Check it out... See it in action at: https://haydnellen.com/schedule-consultation-call where I have implemented this solution to take bookings for my free 30 minute consultation call to discuss prospective clients web development and digital marketing problems and solutions.

Haydn Ellen

The visitor hits the page, checks availability automatically against my google calendar, determines a time slot that suits them, and then makes and confirms the booking right there and then.

Voila! I get my calendar automatically updated and marked as 'busy' for that time slot, the booking system updates to show the remaining time slots available, and the visitor has the flexibility to manage the booking online (they can amend, or cancel, up to a predetermined period you define) and they automatically receive notification of the booking made by email, sms, or both - and a reminder closer to the time to jog their memory.

On the next screenshot you can see my availability for calls in March. Notice that on the 13th and 14th of March I am not available? That's because I have marked those days as 'busy' while I attend a care exhibition in Exeter on the 13th, and I will be delivering a full day of Facebook training for a client on the 14th. Hence, no availability shown on my calendar. This really is pure 'magic' for businesses like mine, and will be for yours too once you see it in action and realise the full potential of it.

Haydn Ellen

It's brilliant! No more... "can you fit me in on this day?", and... "no I can't do that time, do you have anything else available?"... type scenarios.

The most up-to-date available time slots are there, right on their computer or mobile phone, and they simply have to chose the one that suits and they are confirmed.

Your calendar is always displaying your up-to-date availability, and is allowing time between appointments (predefined by you) if required.

Want to take a day off? Simply mark it in your calendar as 'busy' and the booking system automatically displays no time slots for that given day.

This is a real no brainer!

If you want to free up time spent managing your schedule, while at the same time providing enhanced customer service, flexiblity and convenience to your customers, then this is certain to be a winner for you.

If the results I have seen on my own website are anything to go by, you are almost certainly going to experience a significant increase bookings also because of the sheer convenience of it.

At the end of the day it's all about being able to efficiently manage your schedule and bookings that counts - and having this whole solution work on auto-pilot, right there on your website, holds significant competitive advantages for you also.

If you operate a cleaning business, this is for you! No more posting on Facebook letting people know when you are available and hoping that someone jumps on your post - that's time much better spent on marketing, promotion and SEO!

If you are an estate agent, imagine being able to book valuation visits automatically to fit both the vendor's schedule and yours. It simplifies the whole process! Confirmations, reminders, it's all there!

If you are a lawyer, a dentist, a doctor, a window cleaner, a handyman, a therapist, it really doesn't matter. If customers need to book appointments with you, and you need to manage your schedule in the most optimum way, then this solution is for you.

Need to take payment, or a deposit, at the time of booking. No problem, you have that feature also!

I can have you up and running with this in no time at all and you will wonder how on earth you ever managed your schedule and bookings without it!

Why not take it for a spin now... schedule a free consultation call with me. I will run you through the process, absolutely shock you with how little it costs to implement and operate, and then get you 'booked' in to start benefiting from automated scheduling and bookings on your website within a very short period of time.

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