Marketing Funnels

The days of just relying on having a website, and making a few posts on Facebook, as your only form of digital marketing are long gone.

The 'smart' players are now using marketing funnels to generate and capture leads, automate follow-up, and drive sales, on auto-pilot.

Marketing funnels are not new, early adopters have experienced incredible results for their business. And more and more businesses are looking to emulate that success now that the method is tried and proven.

It doesn't matter what type of business you have, implementing marketing funnels will transform the way you do business online.

Check out the following case studies for different business types. I am almost certain that once you realise the true potential of this form of marketing you will be as excited as I am about the potential funnels have for growing businesses online.

Marketing Funnels Case Studies

If you are looking for new ways to build your business online, then marketing funnels are a solution I would strongly recommend.

Most of the 'big players' on Facebook are using marketing funnels - their whole promotion strategy relies on capturing leads, and following up on them. Marketing funnels are used from the point of conception, right the way through to the sale completion.

And in a lot of cases, the whole process is on auto-pilot!

If the prospect of using marketing funnels in your overall marketing plan excites you... and it should! Then take the time to really understand them, how they work, and what they can do for your business.

Three resources I highly recommend are:

I know a few businesses who are really starting to go places once they implemented marketing funnels.

An estate agent in Wiltshire has incorporated funnels very effectively to generate leads for their property valuation service.

Another technology company I know uses funnels to obtain leads for their VOIP (voice over internet protocol) telephone service by offering a free guide, then automates the follow up with additional information emailed to the prospect on a regular cycle.

Feel free to contact me to discuss how marketing funnels can work for your business. I am an expert at building and implementing funnels and I will advise you on the best strategy to ensure your success.

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