Facebook Ad Mastery Training

Stop wasting money on paying someone else to do your Facebook advertising when you can attend my Facebook Ad Mastery training course and learn everything you need to know in one day to plan and implement effective and profitable Facebook advertising campaigns for your business.

Facebook is dominating the ad space right now, and brands in both the consumer and business-to-business sectors are increasingly using Facebook advertising to meet their commercial and brand objectives.

My Facebook Ad Mastery training provides you with a hands-on, practical approach, to planning and implementing effective Facebook campaigns.

I also delve into how you can improve your click-thru rates, save money on your ads, and really harness the full capability of Facebook for your business.

By the end of the training session you will be a competent, confident, Facebook advertiser.

You will understand what the typical response rates are for each of the different ad types and confidently be able to choose the options that best meet your campaign objectives.

Right now, if you are new to Facebook Advertising, everything probably looks complicated, a little confusing maybe?

Please be assured, my unique training style ensures that I take the time to explain each concept in detail.

I also provide practical examples along the way to make sure you fully understand what we have covered before moving on.

And with real hands-on training, the penny will soon drop, and you will discover just how easy it is to manage your own Facebook ad campaigns in your business.

This is a one day training course, undertaken at my office in Camborne, Cornwall TR14 8EX.

The training session runs for 8 hours, however, please allow additional time as I do often run over.

Here's what we will cover:

  • How to create campaign goals.
  • In what scenarios Facebook advertising doesn't work.
  • Examples of successful Facebook ad campaigns. We will pull them to bits and dig deep to discover the essential elements of a great campaign.
  • How Facebook ads work, and importanty, why they are different from Google ads.

Once we have layed the foundation and have a good understanding of how to plan a successful advertising campaign, we then move on to looking at campaign types and how they can be used effectively to meet your marketing objectives:

  • Facebook campaign types.
  • Page post engagement ads, when to use them effectively.
  • Page like ads.
  • Offer claim ads.
  • Event response ads.
  • Clicks to website ads.
  • We also cover targeting your ads in detail to reach people most likely to respond positively.

By this point you will have a good understanding of how to plan your Facebook advertising campaign, what ad types are best suited to it, and be proficient in creating your campaigns and ads.

You will also have become familiar with the 'targeting' options available, so we then build on that:

  • Building custom audiences.
  • Demographics, behaviours and interests.
  • Special event targeting.

That's the practical aspects of advertising on Facebook covered, so now we look more towards the campaign management aspects:

  • Understanding CPC, CPM and Cost Per Action: What's allowed where.
  • Pros and cons of different bid management options.
  • What management, measurement and reporting tools are available.
  • How to implement the Facebook Pexel on your website for conversion measurement and retargeting.

In the last part of the training we will cover some of the analytical and testing aspects:

  • What the most effective content types are.
  • What content options are available.
  • A/B testing your ads to see which one works best.
  • Using Shout-outs and hashtags effectively.

This training session is designed for 'marketing minded' business owners, with entry-level knowledge of Facebook advertising, who are looking to understand the process better and create more effective and profitable ad campaigns.

The best way to learn something new, is to do it. Business owners will almost certainly benefit from my hands-on approach to learning - providing ample opportunities during the course to apply, almost immediately, what's being learned.

The 1-2-1 Facebook Ad Mastery training is only £395.00

  • Includes a light 'working lunch'.
  • 8+ hours of intensive Facebook campaign and advertising strategies you can apply immediately.
  • Please bring your own laptop / notebook computer. Let me know well in advance if you don't have one.
  • The training is provided at the offices of JEL Media, Office 1, 12a Cross Street, Camborne, Cornwall TR14 8EX.
  • Start time: 10.00am
  • Full refund policy for any training session cancelled up to 7 days before the booked date. Thereafter, a scaling pro-rata refund policy applies (details of which will be provided at time of booking.)
  • Includes 4 weeks 'open access', after-training support, to help you fine-tune your campaigns and extract the maximum return from your Facebook ads investment.

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